USEC Grantee for 2017 awarded Reach Youth Ministries Inc. (RYMI) to build a Study Hub.

The Study Hub has received the new wall enclosures, sliding window glass panels, a new roofing and floor tiling complemented with a fresh coat of light blue paint inside and out. The overhead open shelving and working table has been a good addition to the space where they can keep some of the Day Care toys and books used by the students as reference material for their research.

In October, they welcomed eight (8) Day Care kids to the space. They were able to bring out the toys, books and creative materials laid out on the nice, smooth and clean floor for them to enjoy. They no longer feared for the mosquitos or the rains or the heat from disrupting their morning school programs because of the comfort and adequate protection the new Study Hub afforded them to be in.

During the afternoons, they open the place to our older students who need to do research or attend tutorial classes on certain subjects. They are joined by Reach Youth’s volunteer teachers and Reach Youth staff who are able to accommodate them after their class especially during Wednesday afternoons.

Because of the accessibility of the internet today, the students are able to finish their homework more efficiently with the free internet access at the Study Hub. They need not wait in line at the computer shop in their neighborhood late at night. Here, they are provided with well ventilated, well-lit and comfortable hub that permits them to concentrate on their work.


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