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A Charitable Giving and Volunteer Organization

The U.S. Embassy Club (USEC) is made up of U.S. Embassy Manila employees and their family members, whose mission is to make a positive difference in the Philippines. Since it's inception nearly 50 years ago, USEC has evolved from a social club to a volunteer organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in the Philippines.

What We Do

Programs and Outreach

Recognizing the enormity of the challenges women and children face in the Philippines, USEC is dedicated to making a lasting impact through project based financial grants, community service scholarship program and volunteer outreach. USEC does not receive any government funding, all funding comes from charitable giving and fundraisers.  


USEC offers financial grants to local organizations dedicated to improving the lives of Filipino women and children. Our primary focus is to assist organizations in the metro Manila area with small-scale projects in the areas of health, education, livelihood, and the environment. Grants are not intended to fund private profit-making activities or foreign based organizations.


USEC Community Service Scholarship Program is a volunteerism and scholastic-based scholarship that is offered to college-aged children of the U.S. Embassy's local-hire employees. Aside from maintaining a high average in their studies, they are also active in volunteering for their communities and those in need. We are inspired by their determination and humbled by their dedication to serve.

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All USEC funding comes from charitable giving and fundraising through our two (2)  major

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